Walk Or Run Your Way to Healthy Veins

Many inquiries arise about the relation between walking or running and varicose vein health. Running and walking is very beneficial to the ‘second heart,’ which is made up of muscles, veins and valves in the calf and foot that work together to push blood back to the heart and lungs. We will go over both forms of exercise and what you can wear to help blood flow and in turn have healthy veins for life.

Walking Is The Way – Walking is the best exercise for vein health. It is a low-impact activity that stretches and strengthens your calves, thus improving blood flow.

  • Tip: Parking further from an entrance adds some extra steps to your day.

Running – Running and jogging are great aerobic exercises that get the calves and feet moving, which improves calf-pump blood flow. To minimize the high-impact of cement or pavement, run on shock-absorbing surfaces like grass and synthetic tracks.

  • Tip: The Ravens Nest Track at the Alaska Airlines Center is open to the public and has a great surface for low-impact jogging.

Sneaker Safety – Wear good sneakers that are cushioned, offer proper support and are built specifically for running. The right shoes help decrease the impact on hard surfaces that can lead veins to swell.

Compression Tights & Socks – Compression socks and tights are great while running or walking as they help flow blood back to the heart and prevents the bulging of veins.

Whether running or walking, keep these tips in mind!