of a Healthy

Alaska Heart & Vascular Institute is recognized for excellence in cardiology in the state of Alaska and beyond. We’re working towards a healthy, thriving future, where all Alaskans experience optimal cardiovascular health.

Our Mission

Alaska Heart & Vascular Institute delivers compassionate, high-quality care to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease. We collaborate across systems to make proven therapies accessible to all Alaskans, with a commitment to discovering innovative ways to meet the needs of our community.

We prioritize the patient-provider relationship while offering a full array of services from prevention, to diagnosis, to patient-centered treatment.

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Our Approach
to Care

Alaska Heart & Vascular Institute implements a coordinated team approach to care to ensure all of our patients’ needs are met. Each clinic offers teams of caring staff and experienced, board-certified providers.

We adhere to the highest standards of excellence to improve the cardiovascular health and quality of life for all Alaskans.

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