For New Patients

Welcome to Alaska Heart & Vascular Institute

We are pleased to be your provider of cardiovascular care. We strive to provide the best possible experience; from the medical care you receive from your physician to the customer service from our support staff. Below is a list of next steps as a new patient or caregiver to help ensure your experience with AHVI is a positive one.

Schedule an Appointment

If you haven’t already done so, schedule your appointment now.
New patients can call and speak to one of our staff to schedule your appointment.

Patients can access the Patient Portal after their first visit. Learn more about what existing patients can do by visiting the Patient Portal page.


Share Your Referral and Medical Records

To prepare for your visit, your AHVI provider will review your medical records. At least one week prior to your appointment, have your primary care provider and/or referring physician fax your records to 1-800-537-4124. If you have your records, please bring them to our office prior to your appointment.

Failure to have medical records or referrals available may result in difficulty in providing quality care.


Self Check-in

If you have opted in to receive email and/or text alerts to remind you of your appointment, you will be given the opportunity to Self Check-in up to 48 hours in advance of your appointment. By clicking the link in this email or text, you can check-in early for your appointment and make sure all necessary paperwork and information is up to date!

Please note that even if you complete the Self Check-in process, we will need you to physically check-in at the front desk when you arrive for your appointment, so our staff knows you have arrived.


Attending Your Appointment

Please be prepared to bring the following items/information to your appointment:

  • Current drivers License or other valid government-issued photo ID
  • Health insurance card
  • Payment for co-pay, deductible, or co-insurance applicable to your health plan
  • Prescription medication bottles, as well as a list of any vitamins and supplements you take

Know where to go

  • Find directions to the AHVI location where you will see your provider on our Locations page.
  • See all AHVI Locations

Please arrive early.

Check-in at the Front Desk

  • If you have completed the Self Check-in process, please remember to physically check-in at the front desk to let them know you have arrived and completed the Self Check-in process.