Heart Rhythm Society Selects Laurie Racenet as 2021’s Distinguished Allied Professional Award Winner

July 20, 2021
Dr. Steven Compton and Laurie Racenet pose for a photo during an event.
Dr. Steven Compton and Laurie Racenet pose for a photo during an event.

In recognition of outstanding service on behalf of the Heart Rhythm Society, Ms. Racenet, MSN, FNP, FHRS, CEPS, CCDS, was honored for her professional leadership and dedication to furthering the field of clinical cardiac Electrophysiology (EP). As a cornerstone of cardiology, EP is a medical field devoted to the management of abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias).

Ms. Racenet has been an integral member of the AHVI team since 1999, providing us ample opportunity to admire her natural leadership ability, compassionate patient care, and staunch professionalism. Since earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing in 1979, Ms. Racenet has actively deepened her medical expertise by simultaneously pursuing advanced educational degrees, assuming active positions within the cardiology community’s high-level committees, and amassing a wealth of hands-on training through her work with critical care patients.

Including her time spent in school, Ms. Racenet has devoted over forty-five years to medicine—and she’d do it all again. She cites her colleagues’ passion for patient care as the most enjoyable aspect of her work with AHVI. Ms. Racenet’s other accomplishments include a Master’s Degree in Nursing, attending the Heart Rhythm Society’s Annual Scientific Sessions to head the planning committee, review white papers, and serving as faculty for an international audience.

During her free time, Ms. Racenet enjoys boating, fishing, hiking—and chasing a different kind of electromagnetic wave. She spends free winter nights with her camera pointed at the sky, waiting to glimpse the first halo cast by the northern lights.