September 21, 2016

The picture of heart health

Heart disease impacts people of all ages, both males and females. However, early detection can help reduce its effects on your life. A calcium score screening, also known as a heart scan, is a relatively convenient, noninvasive way to determine whether you could be at risk for heart disease. During the screening, a scanner quickly takes a picture of your heart, then finds and measures the amount of calcium located within the arteries.

Why is the level of calcium in your arteries important? The presence of calcium in arteries is directly related to atherosclerosis – a disease that leads to plaque build-up in the arteries – and calcium levels indicate the extent of this condition. Additionally, greater amounts of calcium indicate a greater likelihood of heart attack in the foreseeable future.

A calcium score screening is a way for our specialists to get a base-level gauge on your overall heart health. To make an appointment for your calcium score screening or one of our other advanced imaging and diagnostic testing services, visit or call 907-561-3211 today.