Emily Adam, MSN, FNP-BC

Emily Adam, MSN, FNP-BC, is an enthusiastic and dedicated Family Nurse Practitioner who joined AHVI after completing her Master of Science in Nursing in August 2023. With bachelor’s degrees in biology and nursing, seven years of nursing experience, and a recent role treating patients in critical care, Emily comes to AHVI with a strong foundation.

Emily’s decision to launch her nurse practitioner career at AHVI was a deliberate one, driven by her alignment with the organization’s values and her passion for cardiology. AHVI’s reputation as a nurturing environment for new practitioners and its specialization in cardiology, a field that has always fascinated her, were key factors in her choice. She thrives on the collaborative learning process and the rewarding experience of patient care, finding joy in her interactions with colleagues and patients.

In her personal life, Emily cherishes time spent outdoors with her husband and son and dedicates many free afternoons to hiking, running, sailing, or kayaking. Her love for adventure and the natural world complements her work as a care provider and makes her a natural fit for Alaska’s communities.