Take a step toward cardiovascular health with AHVI

Staying active is an important part of cardiovascular health, but have you ever wondered how well your heart handles the pressure of exercise? To prevent cardiovascular disease, it is crucial that you understand your heart and your risk factors. At AHVI, we offer a wide range of noninvasive imaging and diagnostic services in one convenient location, and we can use these tests to determine the condition of your heart, make sure you have the tools you need to live a heart healthy lifestyle and establish a treatment plan, if needed.

One way to test your heart’s strength is with a cardiac stress test, known as an ETT, which simply involves walking on a treadmill while it changes pace and incline every few minutes. The test will monitor for many variables, including heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and more. One of our experienced staff members will guide you through each step of the test, including analyzing the data afterward and determining the next steps for your health.

A cardiac stress test is particularly useful if you’re experiencing chest pains and are unsure whether they are related to heart complications. To make an appointment for your cardiovascular screening, visit AlaskaHeart.com or call 907-561-3211 today. For all the latest information about cardiovascular health, visit our Alaska Heart Beat Blog.