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Alaska Heart Beat – Summer 2015

Jessica Kelley, Clinical Manager and RN

With the long days of summer already here in Alaska, AHVI is excited to share our summer newsletter that includes tips for making the perfect heart-healthy salmon, as well as lots of outdoor events to keep active all season. You can also read about the upcoming Mended Hearts Golf Tournament and learn about the AHVI difference that our patients experience.

The Circulation Blog - July 29, 2015

Ever think that getting a massage could be dangerous? If you are experiencing symptoms of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) such as leg discoloration, swelling, tenderness or pain, it can be. Massages are meant to be relaxing and stress relieving, but they can also lead to complications with DVT. explains that getting a massage with Read More

The Circulation Blog - July 25, 2015

Last week, we discussed ways to keep your circulatory system healthy, and exercise was listed as one way to keep it in top form. To take a closer look at physical activity, and its benefit for us, we have compiled suggestions for easy ways to stay active and keep your veins, heart and arteries running Read More